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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Recover Windows 7 Administrative Pasword

Windows Administrative Pasword Recovery System:
 Firstly  enter your computer Windows DVD. Press any key CD/DVD . DVD instal will begin. Select repair your computer. Select problematic operating system. Click system Restore link.
 Select this date which date pasword lost.
 Restart your computer.
 If Windows 7 CD is absent . Go to advanced boot option. Select Repair your computer.

lockdir.exe file open without pasword

lockdir.exe file open easily:

Click locked folder and see only lockdir.exe.
 Go to open file and folder > Click view tab.
 Uncheck hide protected operating files (recomended)
 Check show hidden file folder and drives . Click ok file will show. Right button click on > winrar> make add to thumbs rar.
 Double click file some folder will open term by term locked file will show.

Windows 7 Web Search From Start Menu

Web Search From Start Menu:
 Use Start menu and make web search from Windows 7 without software. Flow this step -
 Step1: Click Start button.
 Step2: From Search box write GPEDIT.MSC.
 Step3: Select GPEDIT.
 Step4: Local group policy > Click Side menu > User Cofigaration.
 Step5: Administrative Templates > Start menu and Task bar.
 Step6: From side window Double click Add search internet link to start menu.
 Step7: New Add search Internet link to start menu, Mark enable Click ok.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Facebook Page Create System

How to create your Facebook Page:
 Facebook page crate is very important for Facebook users. But many users do not know how to create Facebook page. Go to this link Facebook Page .Select title this page. Which category you publish it Select category. Facebook page is effective for create backlink. If any person like this page then all page updates show his status. Facebook page help us to add any group.
 Facebook page is better way to advertishing your own website.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Create Shortcut Your Computer

Windows shortcut is easily set any computer. This system help us to open easily any program . CTRL+ ALT and any keyboard key will use shortcut key. If you want to create shortcut key program must stable Start menu or Desktop.  Follow this system and create shortcut  ---
  Which system want to shortcut from Start program or Desktop right button click this program > propertish  > Click Shortcut Tab > Shortcut key > CTRL + ALT set any key button. Click ok.

Error Reporting Close System


Close Error reporting in your computer:
 When computer is hang then want to close it show End now. If click End now show send error report message.
 It is disgusting for users. This system close easily. Flow this system --
 From Desktop click My computer >  Right Button Click > Propertish > Advanced tab > Click Error reporting.
 Disable Error Reporting > Select Ok.