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Friday, June 22, 2012

How Your Harddisk Convert to Ram

Random Access Memory(RAM) is important part of any computer. Without Ram computer can't open.  Otherwise Ram memory space is short it operate slow performance. Computer speed depends on Random Access Memory Space. If random access memory is high then speed so high or Ram memory short speed so slow.

Hard disk to Ram implementation way:
    Step1: Right  Click on  My computer.  Propertish ----> Advance System setting.
Step2: Click on Advance tab setting.
Step3: After clicking setting again click advance tab change.

     Step4: Click on change select custom setting and ok. See under image.

Best Way For Increase Internet Speed

This system is very effective for any users. Anyone flow this way must speed up his performance. This technology give turbo boost performance. When connect with internet then apply this system. Pinging technology speed up 300% performance internet speed. How implement this system. Flow under step ---

   Step1: Go to start menu and open RUN.

    Step2: Write CMD and ok.

Step3: After open command prompt. Write "ipconfig/all".

Step4: Search DNS server address. Example-- Write another place this address.

Step5: Ping -t

   After finishing the  work command prompt pinging will start.

Monday, June 18, 2012

How Create Run and Tree shortcut

Run and Tree both are equal useful for all computer users.  Run helps input any command  to operate computer and tree helps remove all junk file .

   Tree shortcut creating way:
           Click on desktop and right click mouse.

               New  -  ---> Shortcut.
  Click on shortcut button. Type Tree .

Next ---> Finish.

 Run shortcut:
         Start ---->  accessories.
      Copy Run command and it paste on desktop.


Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Windows 8 Keyboard Shortcut Key

Keyboard shortcuts means two or more keys which used easily operate computer. It creates easily interact computer.

Windows Shortcut Key:
1. Windows logo key + D  -------------- Show Desktop.

2. Alt + tab           ------------------------ Minimize option show.

3. Windows logo key + tab  -------------- 3D View Show.

4. Ctrl + Shift + Esc -----------------------  Task bar will open.

5. Alt + Shift + Prt Sc  --------------------  High Contrast mode open.

6. Windows logo key + E  ----------------  My computer open.

7. F4                --------------------------- Display the item active list.

8. F1      --------------------------------  Show help menu.

9. Tab -----------------------------------  Go forward menu.

10. F5 ----------------------------------   Refresh active window.