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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Google Chrome Shortcut With New Verson


The latest version of Google chrome released new shortcut for users. To using Google Chrome shortcut anyone able to use this browser easily.

 Google Chrome shortcuts are --
           Ctrl+shift+N---Will open new window.
           Ctrl+shif+T---Recently closed tab will open.
           Shift+Esc-----Task manager open.

Chrome Tab Shortcut:--
             Ctrl+T    --- Open new tab.
             Ctrl+N   ---- Open new window.
             Ctrl+B  -----  Bookmark bar on off.
             Ctrl+J   -----Show download page.
              Ctrl+H  ----- View history page.

Google Chrome Webpage Shortcut:
                      F5  --------   Reload current page.
                      Ctrl+ F  ------Find box open.

                       Ctrl++  ----   Page zoom in.
                       Ctrl--     ---   Page zoom out.

                       Ctrl+U   ---    View source.

Download Google Chrome Click this link

Friday, April 27, 2012

Windows 8 Consumer Preview


Microsoft has released latest version of operating system Windows 8  .  This operating system  running with 32 bit and 64 bit hardware. Windows 8 can run on tablet PC  and laptop computer. It is faster than other windows operating system. This system is possible to use in touch screen pc.

Windows 8 New Features

1. Deduction in boot time: New operating system approximate boot time is more than 8 seconds.  It is very effective for all users.

2. Metro Interface:  Windows 8 start with new features and easy to use.  This operating system is fully easy and ease all users.

3. Better Touch Skin:  Microsoft new windows operating system is sensitive as well. Users not need to keyboard. They will easily operate it use their fingers.

4. Windows Explorer  New:  New Internet Explorer are included this operating system. It is easily possible to use offline web application.

5. Invention For Modern Generation:  Windows 8 is awesome invention for modern computing.

What is Hard Drive


Hard drive is part of memory unit. It is called Hard Disk. Hard Disk is permanent memory storage whose are called ROM. Now a days modern age computer Hard Drive contains several billion bytes.
   Hard Drive is set of stack disk. Which recorded data electromagnetically in concentric circle. Hard drive set rotation speed  4500 to 7500 RPM. Hard Disk working time measured with millisecond.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Hard Drive Organization Way


Computers work some days many program are d organize . Reorganize is essential every week. Without software anyone able to solve this problem. Use defragment option and reorganized your computer. Following this step--
     1. Right button click on C drive --- Propertish.

    2.  Click on Defragment program , Disk defragment will start.

    3. When complete C drive defragment , other drive defragment with same system.

Speed Up Computer Boot Up Time


How to increase Computer boot up time:
    Some computer open with less than 20 minutes but generally its estimate time is 30 seconds.

Step1:  Decrease start up program.
When computer start then install program running for this reason computer boot up time increase.

Step2: Start ---- > Run.

Step3: Msconfig---------------Press Enter.

Step3: Will open system configuration Utility. Click on the service/start up. Which program little important this program unmark and press OK.