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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Google Chrome Shortcut With New Verson

The latest version of Google chrome released new shortcut for users. To using Google Chrome shortcut anyone able to use this browser easily.

 Google Chrome shortcuts are --
           Ctrl+shift+N---Will open new window.
           Ctrl+shif+T---Recently closed tab will open.
           Shift+Esc-----Task manager open.

Chrome Tab Shortcut:--
             Ctrl+T    --- Open new tab.
             Ctrl+N   ---- Open new window.
             Ctrl+B  -----  Bookmark bar on off.
             Ctrl+J   -----Show download page.
              Ctrl+H  ----- View history page.

Google Chrome Webpage Shortcut:
                      F5  --------   Reload current page.
                      Ctrl+ F  ------Find box open.

                       Ctrl++  ----   Page zoom in.
                       Ctrl--     ---   Page zoom out.

                       Ctrl+U   ---    View source.

Download Google Chrome Click this link


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