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Monday, May 7, 2012

Vice City Cheat Code

Grand Theft Auto Vice City Cheats:
            Vice city cheats is very helpful for gamer. It helps easily complete mission. Without cheat code complete mission is difficult.Vice city cheat code make gamer attractiveness. Cheat code is very effective it creates significant change in game play.

Health and Weapon Cheats:
                                                                  Cheat Code
          Make full health    -----            ASPIRINE
         Strong weapons    ------          NUTTERTOOLS.

       Extra health level     ------          PRECIOUSPROTECTION.

        Another Tools     ------------      PROFESSIONALTOOLS.

   Car/ Vehicle Cheats  :

                                                           Cheat Code 

        Car will fly          --------     COMEFLYINTHESKY.

       Tank will come    ---------     PANZER.
         Cars float on water    -----     SEAWAYS.
     Destroy all frontal car  -----       BIGBANG.

       Quick game play         ----     ONSPEED.


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