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Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Refresh your computer:
  1.  Term commonly associated with computer refresh to the renewal of the screen contents. As the refresh rate is increased the image will become more clear. it is recommended that users run their computers with a least a 75 MHz refresh rate. Lower refresh rate commonly cause strain on the eyes  . 
  2. When referring to computer memory refresh to the recharging of dynamic RAM DRAM chips that allow those chips to keep the data they are storing available . Memory refresh rate is commonly displayed as xk where x is number such as 2 or 4 . If the memory has a refresh rate of 2k this indicates there are 2 thousands rows. The refresh cycle indicate the time it requires to complete on row .
  3. Refresh may also refer to a software utility developed to helpe improve the performance how memory is handled on a computer.
  4. When referring to a computer battery refresh commonly refers to a hardware device capable of resetting the memory on Ni cad batteries.
  5. The refresh button and refresh


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